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it's owned by mariner energy. we've been told by officials that 13 people were on the rig and have been accounted for. they have notiest been rescued. they are in the water wearing protective suits, and there are helicopters responding now. we are waiting to get new information about this incident there in the gulf of mexico. again, that an oil rig has exploded there and people who, though they escaped the burning rig, are awaiting rescue. let's go to anne thompson, who, of course, has been following developments about the other oil spill. are you getting any new information about this mariner energy rig? >> reporter: well, we can add a couple of things, contessa. first of all, apparently this well, which is vermilion oil rig 380 was in about 2,500 feet of water. the rig was not a production rig. and so we don't foe at this
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point if there is a spill associated with this fire. the rig is on fire. we can tell you of those 1 people, one apparently is injured. but all are accounts for. and that is certainly good news. there are several choppers and airplanes on their way to the site. it is significantly west and south of where the bp deepwater horizon rig exploded. so it is in the gulf of mexico. but not geographically close to that situation. the people taking the lead on this is the coast guard out of new orleans. they have sent rescue teams there to try to get the 13 people out of the water and get that one person in particular to a hospital. >> we're just getting a note now, the terribone emergency medical center was put on alert to expect victims for the oil rig explosion. so far none has arrived.
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we don't know when that might be happening. we have on the phone with me right now chief john edwards of the coast guard. chief, bring me up to date about what you're learning about this situation. >> reporter: good morning. everything you just said is correct. we do have all 13 accounted for. they were wearing emergency suits. they were able to get those in time, which is aid against hypothermia or anything like that. additionally we also have a 65 coast guard rescue helicopter on scene right now picking people up out of the water. so we're affecting our search and rescue mission as we speak. >> do you happen to know any sort of injury list, the workers in the water, have they been hurt? >> caller: well, initially i had a report of one injured. to what extent i don't know. it's an unconfirmed report.
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what i do know is we have all 13 of them together. they're wearing the gumby suits and we're getting them out of the water. >> do you know if this oil rig continues to burn? >> caller: let me clarify something. it's not a rig like the dpeep deepwater horizon. it's a platform. and as far as i know it's still on fire. >> does that change the risk factor of oil or toxins leading into the water? >> caller: i could. but i don't know the specifics on that. right now we're focused on the search and rescue mission. >> chief, i appreciate the information you've been able to give us in clarifying some of that. we'll stay on top of it. an anne, can you clarify the difference between this being an oil rig and an oil platform. >> reporter: i wish i could. but i cannot. the good news is obviously fewer
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people were on this platform than on the deepwater horizon where you remember over 100 were on board when it exploded. we know there's a smaller human element to this. the question is what is the environmental danger from this fire? it's just too early to know. >> i understand there's an update now about the deepwater horizon well as well. >> yes. bp through its twitter counacco put out it resumed trying to move the capping stack on top of the macondo well that caused all the problems in the deepwater horizon. it's the first in a multi-step process. the enterprise will try to lift up the capping stack. then the q-4,000 will go on and latch onto the blowout
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preventer. the blowout preventer failed to work on that rig. it's a key piece of evidence in the criminal investigation as to what happened on april 20th. once the seas are calm, and they need seas of three feet or less, they will begin to lift out the blowout preventer. it is a big and heavy lift. it is more than 1 million pounds. they've got to bring it up a mile through the water. eventually it will be barged to an evidence collection site in new orleans. then the development driller two will put the new blowout preventer on top of the well, it's it. once it basses that test, they can start. >> thank you very much. we're staying on top of developments about the oil platform exploding in louisiana. as soon as i get new updates, i'll pass it along. another big breaking developing story we're watching.
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hurricane earl is just hours for the outer banks of north carolina. now hurricane warnings are in effect for parts of massachusetts. the category four storm, one of the strongest to threaten the east coast. it is less than 300 miles from cape hatteras, and things are getting serious. the governor of north carolina is pleading with people to ev evacua evacuate. tens of thousands and tourists and residents being told to get out of the coastal areas. we're getting new updates by the hour. >> i have a generator. > but we have two cats. if it's coming towards us we'll go to our friends house and ride it out there. >> make it so she look at the emergency kit for hurricane preparedness. make sure all the things ready to go. >> the storm will move up the coast from north carolina to virginia. it could come closest to chatham
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and nantucket where tourists and residents are wondering how bad it's going to get. >> we're on our way to buy flashlights right this second. >> i'm not worried. we are going to stay. we have followed the instructions in the paper and made preparations to shelter in place. >> this is surf right now in along the coastline. maryland is a long along the western side of the storm's path. i understand life guards are up and down the beaches of the coast coast now telling people they should avoid being in the water or staying in front of the life guard situation and not out far. that's the reason why. we always see it when a hurricane is coming on shore. you see somebody out further in the water. the surfers love to take advantage of the big waves. let's go to stephanie abrams
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from the weather channel. she's down in north carolina now. the surf there is incredible as well. it looks like it's getting darker. >> reporter: yeah. the surf is kicking up a lot here. we have a kite boarder. he's been going all morning long. he's the only person that we have seen in the water today. he's got to be exhausted, but loving it out here. the life guards are out here. they have red flags up that say no swimming. we have reports of seas, you know, running 12 feet, even higher than that, closer to the eye of this thing. i also want tell you about new evacuations. all visitors in dare county under a new evacuation. they're opened one shelter. they'll open 11 more. also oregon innland southbound is shut down. they're trying to get people out of hatteras. look at the front panl of the
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virginia pilot. this is highway 12. a very small highway. it hasn't even rained here yet. at the washover of what they've had on highway 12. >> wow. that's inyebl. >> as i was reading a lot of highway 12 is closed down. there you're seeing someone right behind you, you didn't see it, but a guy getting ready to jump in the water, running right by. looking excited for that. the life guards must be nervous. we'll check back in with you. up the coast, the waves already picking up. now on the east side of long island, they're expecting to see earl's impact tomorrow. the weather channel's mike seidel is in long island, new york. give me a sense of how things are looking there. >> well, you can see what happens. each successive wave as the tide comes in takes out a little bit more of this beach, which is not much of a beach anyway because of all the resent storms. this is it right here. no swimming allowed here today unless you're down by the life
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guard stands. down there i don't see anybody in the water. a few people getting in their toes. that's because this surf is way too dangerous. they been ten footers as earl makes the approach. the closest approach tomorrow evening. from mid afternoon to midnight tomorrow night we'll have to strongest impact. we're not concerned about structural damage because the wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles an hour forecast for this tropical storm warning, it doesn't do much in the way of dpaj. that's not a real issue. but nonetheless they have 250 power trucks coming in. they'll be staged here in montoch just to be on the safe side. so the beach issues, this weekend, though, this weekend as we told you, a great labor day weekend all across the
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northeast. back to you, contessa. >> we're going to talk about the beach erosion and the problems that may cause coming up in about half an hour. by the way, you know, a hurricane is a good reminder we all need a basic emergency preparedness plan. get a kit. make a plan. be informed. i put more detailed hurricane checklist items up on my facebook page and twitter. but why do so many people wait to prepare for an emergency? i want to hear your thoughts. what's your excuse why you haven't prepared? i might out you for it on national television. let's go to bill karins. these things as you pointed out before, a hurricane can take a turn. you may not be in the path of the hurricane if you're not prepared for it. >> i loved in eastern carolina, part of my job was telling people to get these things done. it's just laziness and procrastination. people say it costs money, it takes energy, it takes time. people choose not to. this storm is going to move in
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in a hurry and it's going to be gone in a hurry. this is a big storm. as of now it's behaving. first the radar is filling in. we have four hours or so before the heavy rain moves no cape hatteras area. beautiful coastal north carolina. this storm is going to be moving quickly throughout the next few days. the winds are starting to pick up. 23 miles per hour gusts now. those will increase to 40 or 50 in a few hours from now. the storm is looking more ragged on the west side. we still is a clear cut eye and a powerful category four storm. there's a chance it may go down to a category three. this will show us the hurricane hunters as they continue to fly in. still 145 miles per hour winds. that's incredible. we would be talking about devastation and destruction. but thankfully it will veer out of the outer edges. maybe at the most category two
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strength winds. that's still enough for minor damages to structures. as we look up the coast, hurricane warnings for cape cod. all the coast is under either a hurricane warning or a hurricane or a tropical storm warning at this point. and kad cod gets it tomorrow night to go through midnight is when the worst will be out there. at this point the center is dangerously close. >> we'll keep our eye on that path. bill, thank you for your hard work. in our next half hour we go live to massachusetts cape. we'll look at what they are preparing for hay long cape cod. parts of texas dealing with a storm of its own. it's not earl. it blew through north texas. heavy rain, flooding, light anything, just pummeled the folk who is live there. they could see more storms tonight. back to the breaking news we're following along the gulf coast.
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there's been an oil platform that has seen an explosion. 13 people escaped from the platform in the water. they've been accounted for. the coast guard tells us the rescues are under way. the local hospitals there in louisiana have been alerted to expect some of the victims. ♪ well, if you come from the hood ♪ ♪ or ya come from the burbs ♪ got the fellas up in here tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ we at the block party having fun ♪ [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪
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welcome back. another oil explosion in the gulf. the oil platform is on fire as we speak, and 13 people escaped the platform wearing protective suits that protect them from hypothermia in the water. the rescues, the helicopters on
12:18 pm
their way to conduct rescues of the workers now and the hospital has been notified to accept victims we've been told this platform does not drill oil. we're waiting to get confirmation of what the platform does. what's the environmental risk now because of this fire when we get that we'll pass it along. the first direct talks between israeli and palestinian leaders in nearly two years were open by secretary of state hillary clinton. secretary clinton welcomed the president. prime minister netanyahu and secretary clinton talked about the long road to peace. >> i know the decision to sit at this table was not easy. we understand the suspicious and skepticism that so many feel out
12:19 pm
of years of conflict and frustrated hopes. that can put an end to claims and conflict. >> we will face obstacles during these negotiations. >> president obama is optimistic a deal can be brokered. we're waiting to hear from robert gibbs about the mitt east peace talks. we're keeping our eye on that. a dangerous and violent drama playing out on national television. police are looking into the bagd of james jay lee who stormed into the discovery channel headquarters. in the end his only death was his own. police say it could have been far worse. let's bring in pete williams.
12:20 pm
what is the investigation revealing about the gunman? they're going through his possessions, places he lived. he actually for a time lived in a homeless shelter not far from the discovery channel inñq;t si string, maryland. even though he had a lot of money and was paying people at the shoemless shelter to attend rallies he was organizing, demonstrations he was organizing two years ago in front of the discovery channel's head squn quarters because he thought they weren't paying attention to population growth. he called humans filthy parasites polluting the planet. now yesterday he walked into the building about 1:00. someone not far from you in the office in new york at 30 rock was trying to learn more about what was happening and called the main number of the discovery
12:21 pm
channel and ended up being shifted to james lee himself. this producer from nbc news record ad portion of the conferring and asked lee whether he was armed and what he had with him. here's a bit of that conversation.
12:22 pm
>> so that's the voice of lee himself standing in what we now know the lobby of dils coverry channel head quarters. a couple things that bear mentioning. first of all, nbc news notified the police that this conversation was taking place, asked them if they had any objection. they said no and actually asked us if we would find out whether or not he was armed and what he had. all that information was passed along to the county and federal authorities. then nbc news decided until this hostage crisis was over not to disclose any of that kfgs. conversation. very unusual development yesterday. >> thank you for breaking it down. let me go to washington, d.c. we're looking at robert gibbs. we're expecting him to address the president's optimism when it comes to middle east peace.
12:23 pm
let's listen in. >> that's something the president wants to do. >> they don't recognize israel as promising more attacks. is there a plan for dealing with hamas? >> why don't i defer these questions about what transpired today in the talks until senator mitchell has an opportunity to answer some of the questions at the conclusions of the meetings toda today. >> she said the only sure fire way is for policymakers to substantially increase aggregate demand is for the government to spend more and tax less. that sounds like setting a stage for a second stimulus. >> i'll will broad in my answer.
12:24 pm
let's go back to, well, both what the president said and what i said on monday. i think the actions and steps this administration has taken over the course -- >> as we said, secretary clinton met with the prime minister of israel and the palestinian authority president and introduced their direct talks. >> sarah palin is angry and manipulative. what's hot on the web? a washington state woman suing american airlines over o'hare runway overshoot. she suffered severe mental problems, she claims after the incident. a chinese ad depicts princess diana in hur underwear. the tag line is feel the romance
12:25 pm
of british royalty. can you imagine how happy the british are about that? there's the picture there. grammy winning rapper t.i. and his wife arrested on drug charges. the police said they had methamphetamine in their possession when police stopped their car late last night and smelled marijuana. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility
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there's been an oil explosion in the gulf coast. robert gibbs is talking about it at the white house now. >> received reports of pollution in the water. >> is the president convinced the inspection of rigs in the gulf of mexico is moving fast enough? zwl i don't have a recent update on that.
12:29 pm
we took a series of steps after the bp incident primarily around deepwater drilling. let me not go too much further than what i have. if the situation warrants, we'll update that. the president was in a meeting in the situation room. i don't know if he's been notified. john brennan, who is in the meeting, does know. i don't know -- that he had or had not had a chance to discuss that. i do not know who is on the scene. the coast guard -- the production facility is in federal waters. they are the ones in response. i don't know who the highest ranking person is on the scene. >> following up on the middle east peace talks, what is the presidency in his role going guard now? does he feel like he's
12:30 pm
appropriately set the stage and now it's secretary clinton who is taking the lead? would the president be the one attending? is he stepping back? >> i'll do this in a couple ways. she is the lead on this as she conducts these meetings today. as i mentioned the other day, one of the first things the president did upon walking into the oval office that very first full morning was to make calls to leaders in the region. some of who were here obviously
12:31 pm
yesterday. this is true historically. when we are actively involved and engaged, there's a better chance for peace. that's been president obama's viewpoint and the whole team's viewpoint. i can't spieak to what our involvement would be. at different points in this we'll leave it open for situational discussion. we've over the past many months been actively involves and engaged. as the best way to make progress we have always felt is to do so today. to sit at the table and doctor direct talks. >> does the president see this more optimistically than previous administrations because of more stability in the west bank or because of a potential mutual threat from iran becoming
12:32 pm
nuclear? >> the president felt the meetings yesterday were, as he said, productive. he believed each leader was genuine and serious about seeking peace. at the same time as we said earlier, this is something that has eluded generations. we're mindful of that. we'll stay engaged and do what's necessary. build talks and make this productive. >> does he believe the potential mutual threat by nuclear iran is helping bring the two sides together. >> we have always maintained that peace was in the best
12:33 pm
interest of each of these entities involved regardless of anything else in the middle east. that was true when the president first came in and is certainly true and is governing our actions today. why hasn't the president done more during the recess in august to try to shore them up? it looks like they are in a terrible spot. i could give you the chart. but you get the idea. >> yeah. the president will continue to make a very active case for the steps the administration has taken. why we continue to move forward
12:34 pm
on that path. i will say this, bill, the president has been fairly active in both campaigning and raising money. what the president is helping the democratic national committee do is something that the democratic national committee has never done in supporting senate and congressional candidates. and it's something we'll continue to do. >> what is it they've never done? >> the level of support. >> following up on what anne was saying about the economy, not the number, but the snapshot of the new unemployment claims down but also productivity down and labor costs up. what does that tell you about the state of recovery? >> well, i think -- let me give you an answer that's not necessarily based on one unemployment claims report today.
12:35 pm
i am hesitant to get into the -- >> there is robert gibbs with the daily briefing. an oil platform exploded in the gulf coast. the coast guard tells us 13 people successfully made it off the rig, even though it's on fire, but landed in the water, many in emergency suits. they're wearing water protective suits. they have flotation devices. the rescues as we speak are under way. let's go to anne thompson covering this from the gulf coast. what's happening there sf. >> reporter: first of all, there's good news. someone spoke to mariner energy who reported that they see no evidence of a leak or sheen or our sheen at this time in the water the coast guard is trying to pick up people out of the
12:36 pm
water. they're in energy suits. those are aide to toe rubber suits with big attached gloves to keep people afloat and keep hypothermia away from them. there is report of one person injured. he will be taken to terrabone medical center. now there seems to be confusion about just how dpeep this platform is work iing robert gis said he understood it was in about 300 feet of water. we are trying to reach mariner energy, the owner o eer of the vermilion oil rig 380 that is on fire. but we've not been able to get ahold of them at this point. this oil rig exploded.
12:37 pm
it is 200 miles west of the deep water horizon rig that exploded. that is bp's rig that exploded on april 20th and caused summer long agony here in the gulf of mexico. >> we're keeping a close eye on the information as it comes into us. we're waiting for an update on the workers and when the rescues happened. hurricane earl could come close off nantucket. in martha's vineyard they're getting ready for hurricane-forced winds. a hurricane warning just posted in the last hour for massachusetts. right now earl's winds are gusting up to 145 miles an hour. those winds extend up to 90 miles. north carolina certainly the first in its path. let's go to paul good low. he's in chatham, massachusetts. you're looking at serious weather tomorrow, paul. >> we certainly are. right now hurricane earl is less
12:38 pm
than 750 miles for the coastline here. actually, just south of nantucket. but things will dramatically change towards friday afternoon and overnight friday when hurricane earl is expected to make the closest approach to southeastern massachusetts. maybe making a direct hit across this area as well. as you mentioned now, hurricane warnings have been issued as of 11:00 local time for all of cape cod as well as martha's vineyard and nantucket. monday is labor day. tomorrow is getaway friday. a lot of people's travel plans will be impacted by friday. fer reservice will be canceled some time into friday. most locals are definitely prepared for this. but it's really the visitors concerned about it. we talked to locals earlier. >> we like a little excitement. you know if we get wind and it's
12:39 pm
kind of loud and interesting, we'll stay around. >> you would always have to be concerned with mother nature. you never know. >> and this part of massachusetts has closed the beaches. there are a few people actually in the water. but this part of the harbor is rather kaucalm. a different case towards tomorrow. now temperatures easily in the mid-80s. perfect weather to prepare. and the winds maybe 5 or 10 miles per hour. they're either leaving or getting ready for the approach of hurricane earl. contessa? >> thank you for keeping us in the loop. earl's wind is kicking up giant waves as well. we have video of the coastline
12:40 pm
of virginia beach. it was shot earlier today. you can see the white caps kicking up. with a huge storm like this, there are, of course, questions about how much this erodes the speech. this is a real problem in a lot of places up and down the east coast. i'm thinking of long island. this is a real deal. you know in the caribbean there have been waves 49 feet high. so when the surge hits it's going to jam fard on te the coast. >> when we're talking barrier islands in particular, i was reading about new york city, about 100 years ago, a big storm came through, big hurricane, and actually wiped out a barrier island. it disappeared. homes on it and everything.
12:41 pm
yeah. >> this is terrible. not since 1991 and hurricane bob have we seen a wicked storm like this approach new york. >> i appreciate you waying in. >> for complete coverage of hurricane earl keeping track of the storm's path here go weather at sarah palin is heading to iowa. she'll speak at the ronald reagan dinner september 17th. it's a key presidential voting state. now it's fuelling speculation that sarah palin may be herself planning a presidential run in 2012. in case you missed it. vanity fair is out with a scathing new profile. the author says she's ill tempered, two-faced and among the quotes here on palin's temper, one person who has been
12:42 pm
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a new study finds some of today's most popular movies are exposing children to smoking. although smoking on screen has decreased over the years. more than half of movies rated pg-13 still contain tobacco imagery in 2009. the study looked at the top grossing films from 1991 to 2009. well, for 33 miners trapped half a mile underground a hot meal and clean shave can go a long way. the people on top of the ground are denying the requests for alcohol and cigarettes. they have to weigh these
12:47 pm
requests carefully, i understand, angie. >> reporter: that's right. we are here outside the mine. the miners are doing very well. we saw them yesterday listening to muse, singing, also we understand that they received their first hot meal they're getting nicotine patches for cigarette cravings. they look clean shaven. so the morale is really up. contessa? >> angie sandoval, thank you for the report. we have breaking news. it's not a rig. it's a platform explosion. the coast guard says, in fact, it doesn't drill oil. but 13 people on the rig made it off. it exploded. they landed in the water.
12:48 pm
the coast guard is undertaking a rescue. and a hospital put on alert to accept the victims. as it stands now there's one injury, but the coast guard says it can be sure the extend of the injuries or the condition of the folks in the water. we'll keep our eye on it. troduc, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. when i went on medicare, i did the numbers. that was the moment of truth. medicare by itself doesn't cover everything. we'd need more than that. i don't want to spend my life worrying about what would happen if one of us got sick. [ male announcer ] now more than ever, you may be wondering: do i have the right medicare coverage? don't spend your life worrying. let the health plan experts at securehorizons, providers of aarp medicarecomplete, help you decide. a leader in medicare plans,
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we are just getting new information into the violent standoff at the discovery channel's headquarters. nbc news reports investigators believe this suspect james lee had two handguns that were starter guns. they make noise but can't cause serious injury or death. and the explosive devices included propane gas canisters and pipe bombs. at least one device was determined to be functional. it could have caused serious injury or death. investigators also found evidence that the gunman had
12:52 pm
practiced or tested his devices prior to walking into that discovery building. police killed him after threatening hostages in the four-hour standoff. i spoke with police chief thomas major who was on site during the entire ordeal. here's my interview. chief major, it's good to see you today. >> good morning. >> how desperate was the situation in terms of the dangers? >> i think it must have been terrifying for them. we had a man we knew was armed with a handgun. he brought in two backpacks and two boxes. he had a switch in his hand that appeared to have radio control to it. all through the negotiations we were trying to get him to release the hostages. it was a situation where he may
12:53 pm
have been booby trapped to the point where if we had taken him down a device would have gone off. so we were weighing all those things as we were trying to bring this to a peaceful end. >> how important was it to your investigation and into trying to bring this situation under control that he had not only been on the phone with an nbc news producer but was willing to talk with investigators. >> we had him on for the better part of four hours. that didn't wield much more than we knew from looking at his website and the previous history and contact we had had with him at discovery building a couple years earlier. we were trying to get him focused on ways to resolve this peacefully. i would characterize him as angry throughout our conversation. we were never able to get him to
12:54 pm
the point where he seemed to be satisfied with what we were offering him. >> given that you didn't know whether he was booby trapped himself, was there a risk in shooting to kill? >> there was absolutely a risk. the officers really had no choice. we had -- unbeknownst to him, we had a tactical emergency response team on the other side of the wall from where he was. we were watching him through security cameras in the building. we saw the hostages move. we saw him shout. we heard a pop. whether that was him firing his weapon or him detonating one of devices on his chest. we're unclear at this point. but it was at that moment that our folks came around the wall, confronted him, his gun was out. he turned to our officerses. that's when he shot and killed him. >> it took officials all night to secure the scene.
12:55 pm
that included dismantling the devices still strapped to the gunman's body. just a brief update on what we're learning about the platform on the gulf coast. 13 people are now waiting for the coast guard to rescue them. emergency rooms in the hospital at terrabone parish are getting ready for this. this is a platform that is owned by mariner energy. and a spokesperson told cnbc and told nbc news that it doesn't appear there's any oil leaking. that they cannot spot any kind of sheen appearing on the the water. we'll bring you updates throughout the day. that wraps up this hour for me. see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. out west where we'll following, of course, hurricane earl.
12:56 pm
talking tomorrow to a travel expert who had advice on if your flight, your travel plans have to be canceled because of the hurricanes, what are your rights as a passenger. andrea mitchell is up next. financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having fun at what you do, then you've got the wrong job. my landing was better than yours. no, it wasn't. yes, it was. was not. yes, it was. what do you think? take one of the big ones out? nah.
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an offshore oil rig has exploded in the gulf. we'll have the latest from ann tovrp shon in the gulf. hurricane earl is speeding towards the east coast. a hurricane warning is now in effect for the outer banks and cape cod and southeast maine as well. complete coverage of hurricane earl this hour. and here at the state department, secretary of state hillary clinton launches the first direct talks between israel and the palestinians in two years. >> we believe prime minister and president, that you can succeed.
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